Schools are also conducting a drug test on students just like they conduct drug test in the workplace on the employees. The school management and administration are doing so to ensure safe surroundings and environment for the students. By ensuring that everyone is safe the children will be able to achieve the goal without any hurdle. Some universities are aiming at implementing the test on kids so that if the kids think that they will be tested for any drug abuse they might restrict themselves from doing drugs.

The typical drug test performed in schools is a test on a urine sample. The urine sample is tested for drugs like Cannabis, coke, and amphetamine. You can get rid of toxins by reading this a review of the toxin rid 10-day course.

However, there are a lot of School management members and members of the program that helps to prevent drug abuse who are saying that testing students for any drug use are very discouraging. There are many who disagree on testing the students since they believe that it is breaching the student’s privacy and the law in which they are bound which says they won’t be searched unnecessarily. Imposing drug tests to the students who are not involved in extra curriculum effects them in the positive and negative way.


  • By testing students randomly, the students will be alert at all times and try to avoid drugs.
  • The students will be in a safer environment.
  • If kids are tested positive they can be treated at an early stage.


  • By testing students you’ll make them feel like their personal life has been invaded which in turn will make parents think that the school is defying their children’s rights.
  • Since these tests are mandatory for students who are interested in extracurricular activities, it will seem like they are being punished by going through this embarrassment for going outside the college grounds for activities.
  • Not to mention all the funds required for the test. This will mean that they have to cut down teacher’s salaries or any of the classes like music, dance or some sports.